Hi guys! I'm Dawn, a teen who loves photography and these are photos I've taken from all over New York. I'm an NYC girl, so there will be a bias toward Queens and Manhattan, but I'll try to include all over the state. Follow my main at feel-yourheart-beat and if you like coffee and music follow me at javaandlyrics

In my ever occurring procrastination of applying to college, i spent this morning looking through my entire history of this blog in the past year and some odd days. Its incredible to see how much I’ve changed and what a journey this past year has been. Many of the things i captured for the first time are such regular occurences in my life now. I may not get 100s of notes on my pictures, but this blog is one of the things in my life i am most proud of. I don’t know where ill end up next year, and im only applying to one school in NYC, but no matter what i will never stop capturing my world and this city will always be a part of me. So thank you, dear followers, for taking this incredible journey with me that’s just getting started.

I love you all,