Hi guys! I'm Dawn, a teen who loves photography and these are photos I've taken from all over New York. I'm an NYC girl, so there will be a bias toward Queens and Manhattan, but I'll try to include all over the state. Follow my main at feel-yourheart-beat and if you like coffee and music follow me at javaandlyrics

Hi friends!

I’m alive, I swear. I was on vacation in Massachusetts, so there’ll be plenty of photosets from that coming your way. Hopefully tonight. On a personal note, there’s been a lot of changes going on in my life. On Tuesday, I did a food challenge with my allergist and discovered I’m not allergic to tree nuts anymore, which was exciting. My boyfriend broke up with me last week, which was not exciting. Senior year begins in two weeks from today and I’ve been working on collage supps. So yeah, that’s me.

Enjoy your end of summers!